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about us

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For the last decade, Broughton has worked on becoming a trusted advisor in our communities. We challenge the status quo every day and as part of that pursuit, we believe in not taking ourselves too seriously but taking what we do very seriously. We take pride in our differences because we know that with difference comes new ideas, approaches, and results for our clients.

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our philosophy

Our goal is to create unique strategies for our clients to help them achieve their life goals. Most of all, we believe in the pursuit of growth in life and in business. We are committed to providing our advisors with the autonomy and support needed to help our clients achieve their goals in life.

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our process

Our process is not a one-size fits all approach. We understand that you have life goals and objectives, so with that in mind, we work to create custom financial plans that wrap around your actionable goals. We believe in full transparency with you and know that with openness comes greater precision and advanced thought when helping to manage your portfolio. 

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financial education at your fingertips.

Nearly everyone is struggling financially. We recognize this as a real problem and are working to bring reliable tools and education to our communities. Take control of your finances today with confidence and surety with The BIG Money Academy. For just $6 a month, you can sign up today to get full access to tools that can help you develop your financial literacy and when you're ready, connect you with our BIG financial planner to help you achieve those BIGger goals in life.


Said money is a significant

source of stress.*


Can't handle a $400 emergency.*




of people are living

paycheck to paycheck.*



Are saving the recommended amount for retirement.*


*Source:, 2020

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